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Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments


Street Smart VR Experience


Virtual Reality Development

Having seen the success of the of Look Twice VR campaign in Texas, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (MWCG), a joint agency group with representatives from the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia DOT’s, wanted to replicate the experience for their own local communities. MWCG and their agency of record partnered with CM&D to create a custom VR experiences designed to help raise awareness around pedestrian and bicyclist safety in the greater DC metro area.

The final VR training module allows users to experience the three most common ’threat zones’ presented to pedestrians and cyclists; a permissive left turn while a pedestrian is crossing, cyclists in a driver’s blind spot on a free right and a non-signaled crosswalk on a multilane road (one driver stops and the other doesn’t).

Results: As the core component to three month multi-city event activation and campaign, the Street Smart VR safety experience netted the following results.  

  • More than 20,000 In-person Impressions

  • Over 1500 VR Participants

  • Countless News Reports

The campaign was so well received, Maryland funded 3 additional event activations and MWCG plans to bring the experience back in the spring of 2019!

Services Rendered: Working with the MWCG Team and their AOR in the DC metro area, CM&D provided a complete turn-key solution for the project:

  • Ideation & Creative Concepting

  • Locations Scouting

  • VR Development 

  • 3D Modeling & Animation

  • 360 Video Production

  • Post Production

  • Hardware Procurement & VR Training