Augmented Reality: AR

Augmented Reality (AR) superimposes digital assets ‘over the real world’ versus blocking out the surrounding world environment as with 360° video and VR. These experiences react to their surroundings in real-time, are interactive, and can be viewed on most modern mobile devices and tablets. There are also wearable AR devices, but they have yet to become widely available. I guess the matrix will have to wait! AR experiences:

  • Superimposing Digital Assets Over The Real World

  • Are Interactive

  • Can Be Viewed on Mobile Device, Tablets and Wearables

Augmented Reality.gif


Interested in learning more!?

We offer an Immersive Media training session covering the following topics:

  • Terminology

  • Best Practices

  • Distribution Tactics

  • Analytics and Tracking

  • Future Predictions

  • Hands on demos

  • And More...